Can a customer return the products purchased from online stores, why not?

By: On: 2016-10-20

In Australia, there have been a great debate regarding the returns and return policies that have been implemented on drugs and medicine returns. It is because, the chemist who runs an online pharmacy store want to remain on the safe side. As, there are a lot of scams out there and if they offer returns without any investigations or documentation then they may have risk of getting fake or low quality or even duplicate or B grade medicines as a returned item. So in this way they might risk the health safety for others who purchase the item later on.

Due to this the health safety as well as their online reputation and license regulation will be at risk. That is why pharmacist that have outlets through online web portals may or may not encourage or support returned items.

There can be a condition where things other than medicines, like baby accessories including nappies and toiletries can be exchanged with a less strict rules.

But things like sinus, medicines, omron blood pressure monitor, makeup items, blood glucose monitor, skin care products,and baby food items are the most crucial products and the safety cannot be put to risk while allowing the returns of these products. Also, if you have purchased the items using the discount chemist promotion, you may not be able to return these.

For this the best thing, that can be done to ensure the safety of all online medications:

  • The packs that have been opened should not be returned.
  • The details of the products should be recorded and the customers should be advised to select an items after complete surety that the one they are selecting is the exact one they need.
  • The customers should be made clear that once they purchase the items, it would not be able to return due to risk management issues for the sake of safety of others as well as your own self.

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